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Sunday, November 4, 2007

haha don say i din yo you hor chair

woohoo jia you chair for your OP!!!
and congrats to fenru for saying bye bye to your OP!!!

how's life for me ar...
hmm still not bad, quite hectic actually
lots of tutorials and projects ><

anways, DM is going for dining etiquette and grooming lessons soon
need to waste unecessary money again ><

and chair that ang moh really very disgusting...

and yes! we really have to find one day to go out *^^*

DM was here

i love LS club
4:52 PM

yao si lorz! chair jealous. fenru no yo me. HAHA. lol. childish la.
ANW, WOW PIANG EH. NOW SUPER PEK CEK! some idiot super irritating. that's all i can say. in case that someone passes by here and see this. so cannot reveal too much here!! but still ARGH ARGHHHH!!!

oh ya!! i also waiting for op to finish!! 2 more dayS!!!! HAHAHA!!

and oh yaa..... today i saw a ang-moh so disgusting!!!
he was using the PDA pen to dig his ear la! wth... very er. then he still dig dao very tao zui de yang zi. *PUKE*.. er dao bao.

haha. that's all man! people!! must remember to blog here eh! and must find one day go out!!!!!!!


i love LS club
1:53 AM

Friday, November 2, 2007

YOYO dm!

Life is great, haha. After OP and tts it! we are free! woo!~

Hows life dm? haha. So long never see you le, miss u !!



i love LS club
9:58 PM

hoho yea yea!! ME ME!!!
DM posted that post!!!
its realy a super dead blog!
hows life huh ppl?

i love LS club
7:44 PM

Thursday, November 1, 2007

finally got people blog liaoz!!!! haha.
The blog is like so sO SO SO dead!!! haha!!!!
sianz. now keep on doing pw la. omg.!

Lol. anw, who posted earlier?

i love LS club
12:37 AM

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

BOO ppl~
this blog is so so super dead
haha so im here to post something..
hope everyone are doing ok
kies i shall end here,
do blog more often~

i love LS club
9:13 PM

Friday, July 27, 2007

Woohoo!! you all must congratulate me le!!

I got double promoted to green tip for taekwondo grading today!!^^


i love LS club
11:12 PM


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